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These three elements are crucial to the swift and safe resolution of a corporate dispute. We understand this very well. Our primary goal is to resolve shareholder disputes without jeopardizing the company, its operations or good name.

We help shareholders handle corporate disputes with other shareholders or with the company’s bodies. We aim to solve the dispute out of court and if not possible, then we represent our clients in litigation.

We guarantee full confidentiality. We realize that a dispute usually starts way before the court action is filed. Thus, we pursue a beneficial resolution of the dispute along the parallel paths of following corporate procedures and preparing a lawsuit.

As part of this service:

We provide pre-litigation support.

We prepare the long-term strategy for handling corporate disputes.

We give ongoing advice.

This includes matters such as protection from hostile takeovers, abuse of a dominant shareholder’s position or corporate blackmail.

We accompany clients in negotiation.

We also advise on settlements.

We handle litigation.

This includes court actions against resolutions of corporate bodies acting against the company’s interests, expulsion of a shareholder or partner or stripping of the right to represent the company and conduct its affairs, as well as other disputes depending on the circumstances of the specific case.

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