Many Polish companies are currently undergoing a generational transition. Companies are often taken over by the founders’ children or even grandchildren. We help our clients through the entire process.

We assist the family at the early stage of identifying goals and planning the company’s takeover by the next generation. We bring together the voluminous experience of the founders’ generation with the enthusiasm and innovative outlook of the younger ones. Our assumption is that a family company should provide its various members with opportunities for growth in those areas in which their greatest talents lie and where they can make their best contribution to the company’s success.

Our goal is to fluidly implement the generational shift so that no sudden misfortune can surprise the family or put the company’s safety at risk.

As part of this service:

We draft the necessary contracts.

We draft the provisions of company articles and other contractual terms relating to inheritance and accession of heirs in the place of a deceased member. We design solutions for companies having so far operated as sole-proprietorships.

We provide support in inheritance and family law.

We help draft wills and nominate a succession manager. We also assist with matrimonial property arrangements between spouses.

We take complex care of your company’s interests.

Our goal is to protect clients’ interests and those of their companies in the event of death, divorce or a conflict inside the family.

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