Investing in startups


Investing in startups is an alternative to traditional forms of investment. The business world reaches for it more and more often. It presents a great opportunity to develop an undertaking with potential.

We work both with investors and founders. We assist with all rounds of financing. Thanks to many years of practical experience working with business veterans and young entrepreneurs, we are well positioned to understand the interests of each party and help protect both.

As part of this service:

We represent investors.

We act to give them as much control over the target as possible and gain shareholding privileges. We assist them in securing personal rights and flexible exits, as well as protection of their invested funds.

We work with founders.

We support founders in negotiating with investors. We help them keep as much control over the company as possible while retaining as much shareholding as possible, as well as get or keep shareholding privileges and personal rights.

We take care of safety.

We help startup founders protect themselves from having to buy back the investor’s shares at an inconvenient time.

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