I want to develop my business in Poland

Leverage the full arsenal of options available to an investor expanding into Poland. We will assist you with all formalities and provide ongoing advice.


For more than a decade, Poland has experienced a phase of intensive economic growth. The country is attracting more and more interest from European and international investors. If you decide to begin activity in Poland, however, it is worth having trusted advisors at your side who will support you in negotiations, and help you navigate the local economy and meet all formalities.

We assist investors who want to start a business in Poland. We make sure you get advice in all areas of law relating to your business — corporate affairs, contract law and employment, tax affairs, real estate and many others. We also provide representation before Polish courts and administrative authorities.

Additionally, we provide services for Polish companies looking for tried and true practical advice. We are not only well versed in the law but also in the realities of business in Poland. We understand that doing business even in one’s home country involves a challenge.

Doing business in Poland is an ambitious task but above all an opportunity. For years, we have helped clients from both Poland and abroad do business in a way that is legally compliant, tax-optimized and more efficient.


Representation in negotiation with business partners.

We accompany our clients through the whole negotiation process. We help them work out a compromise on key issues for both parties.

Helping you with correct interpretation and application of Polish law.

Polish law changes rapidly. Thanks to our assistance, clients can always rest easy that they are doing business in accordance with the law.

Court representation

If there is any litigation, we represent clients before courts of all hierarchical levels. We also handle administrative proceedings.

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