Company formation


To form and register a company in Poland, you must consider a number of requirements imposed by the law. It is a crucial skill to adapt the provisions of the articles to specific majority-minority shareholding configurations. What is important is to predict potential risky situations occurring at a later stage and properly safeguard the interests of all shareholders in the event, including contingency planning.

For years, we have helped our Polish and foreign clients establish companies in Poland. We provide complex assistance with negotiating the contracts and articles and with company registration for both partnerships (general, limited, limited-liability, joint-stock limited partnership) and corporations (limited-liability and joint-stock companies).

Specialist support conserves the crucial resource that is time. It also minimizes the risk for the company, shareholders and managers.

As part of this service:

We negotiate.

Of course we understand that the negotiation table is often occupied by parties with conflicting interests. We assist to work out a satisfactory consensus and make sure to safeguard the best interests of the shareholders and of the company itself.

We draft the articles.

We also prepare all other documents required for company registration with the National Court Register and other authorities.

We help get the articles properly notarized.

This applies to limited-liability companies, limited partnerships and joint-stock limited partnerships.

We prepare and submit registration applications.

We also represent the clients in registration proceedings before at the National Court Register.

We foresee all formalities involved in the registration of representative or branch offices of foreign companies.

We help our clients in English, German, Spanish and French.

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