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People who want to start a business in Poland are usually troubled by many doubts. These include selecting the best legal form of business organization, taxation, employment matters and social insurance, among other things. Thus, we have designed a service for future entrepreneurs who want to conduct their business in a safe, legally compliant and fully professional way right from the beginning.

We give practical advice on every legal aspect of doing business in Poland. We consult in a way clients can understand, using normal language and in a partner-to-partner atmosphere. We help startups negotiate with investors and manage investors’ involvement in each round of financing.

From the perspective of our practical experience, we have often found out that answering the questions tormenting the future entrepreneur at the outset significantly improves the ease of doing business at later stages and reduces costs.

As part of this service:

We help future entrepreneurs select the best form of organization for their specific scenario.

We also help with choosing the best form of taxation and securing the necessary concessions and other permits.

We help startups negotiate investment contracts.

Often, modern company founders with significant potential need help getting financing from investors. We help negotiate all rounds of financing. We make sure the founders’ rights and the company’s best interests are properly secured.

We meet all registration formalities.

The scope of our service depends on the form of organization you choose.

We consult.

Our clients can be sure to get practical advice on business law, employment law and contract law.

We are available for both constant and ad-hoc assistance.

We remain available to our clients also after registration, offering our help at any future stage of their business.

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