Thus, before filing the action in court we make sure to find out if there is a way for amicable resolution. If not, we comprehensively guide our clients through the entire court path, starting from the preparation of a professional litigation strategy.

Thanks to many years of experience and success in courts throughout Poland we provide our clients with a sense of safety in the stressful conditions of a courtroom. What makes us different is being highly motivated and open to outside-the-box thinking, as well as experience handling cross-border litigation.

We are not afraid of complicated cases. We provide complex assistance also looking to the business aspects of the dispute.

As part of this service:

We handle disputes involving non-performance or defective performance of business contracts.

We assist our clients with monetary claims such as accounts of contractual performance, contractual penalties and recovery of undue payments (‘undue enrichment’). We also handle litigation for damages and disputes about collaterals and securities in a contract.

We manage disputes arising from in-company conflicts.

These are usually corporate disputes such as shareholder expulsion or company dissolution, or employee, partner or shareholder claims for damages inflicted on the company. We assist partners or shareholders against abuse of a dominant position in the company, corporate blackmail or activities in competition with the company.

We handle employment disputes.

These usually involve contract termination, claims for back pay, breach of non-competes, harassment or discrimination, or claims for accidents and occupational diseases. We also represent employers in disputes initiated by trade unions.

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