Accession to existing companies abroad


Aspirations for growth often result in the decision to partner up with a foreign entity. For this reason entrepreneurs buy shares in someone else’s company or subscribe them via capital increase. Such transactions can often lead to great business results but if conducted without proper skill, especially in a foreign jurisdiction, they can involve significant risks.

We help clients negotiate the terms of the transaction and advise on possible collaterals and other securities. We are present at every stage. We actively involve ourselves in the negotiation of share sales and purchases. We take part in capital increases. We draft shareholders’ agreements. We make sure the accession is fully legal and safe.

As part of this service:

We work with local experts.

Thanks to this, our clients can quickly find the assistance of experienced professionals from multiple countries.

We provide communication support.

Together with the foreign firm, we decide how best to draft the terms so as to most fully achieve the client’s interests. We work in English, German, Spanish and French.

We remain available.

Clients can count on our assistance in the event of any difficulties after accession to the company.

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