Establishing a company abroad


Our clients increasingly set their eyes on expansion to other countries. Seeking to grow their business, they open branch and representative offices abroad. Often they establish subsidiaries, sometimes wholly owned. And sometimes they team up with other partners or shareholders. All of these activities are best consulted with a professional to make sure they are legally compliant and safe.

We provide our clients with complex assistance — from supporting them in negotiations with business partners, through the choice of the best form of organization and the drafting of the shareholders’ agreement to assistance with resolving various issues as they arise. We also enable access to a network of international professionals to provide specialist support at the place where company registration is sought. Thanks to our liaising, entrepreneurs can be sure to have put their matters in the hands of trustworthy professionals.

As part of this service:

We assist the client in choosing the best form of business organization abroad.

We help them decide which form is the best for risk management and tax optimization.

We draft shareholders’ agreements.

We assist clients in negotiating company articles, shareholders’ agreements and other instruments relating to company formation with their foreign partners.

We provide access to a network of international experts.

Our partnered firms provide diligent representation in talks with counterparties and before authorities and courts. They will register your company and make the required submissions with the competent bodies. They take over all formalities, provide ongoing advice and represent our client’s company in negotiations.

We assist with accounting and HR matters.

We source referrals to local providers of accounting and HR services. This makes sure our client is covered when it comes to accounting and payroll, as well as timely submissions required by administrative authorities and social security.

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