Business contracts in international trade


This is what we firmly believe. Foreign companies entering the Polish market and Polish companies planning to expand abroad expect that their lawyers will not only take care of all formalities but also provide negotiation support and ensure the safety of the business venture. And this is exactly what we do.

Our lawyers work in several languages, which greatly speeds up things. It also helps avoid misunderstandings and lack of precision caused by language, which can sometimes make the performance of the contract more difficult or outright impossible.

We draw from a vast wealth of experience working with international business. Our clients across multiple business sectors operate successfully in such countries as Spain, France, Germany, the USA, Mexico and more. We also expand our international experience and contact network thanks to active participation in the AIJA — the International Association of Young Lawyers, which brings together more than 4000 practitioners from 90 different countries.

As part of this service:

We accompany clients in negotiations.

We negotiate international business contracts in English, German, Spanish and French. From the very beginning, we concentrate of how our clients will be enforcing any claims abroad. We make sure the client is successfully protected.

We draft and review contracts.

We draft contracts for the international sale of goods, shipment, distribution, franchise or licensing agreements, as well as contracts for services, business cooperation and many things our clients need.

In drafting contracts, we pay attention to international treaties.

This includes the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG), INCOTERMS, EU regulations on applicable law and jurisdiction, international agreements and general principles of European Union and international law.

We take care of security.

We help establish proper security for the intended implementation of international business transactions.

We handle the legal aspects of foreign investment projects.

We negotiate, review and draft investment contracts and all documentation needed when creating a joint venture — just some of the many things we do for you.

We provide support in disputes.

We help clients find diligent representation in the country in which their international business dispute goes to court.

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