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This is why it is worth taking a professional approach to negotiation. The negotiation table is where the most important decisions are made, which are later formalized. This includes the rights of the various individuals, any personnel changes in the company, any competing activities, share transferability and inheritability, etc. Usually, future partners or shareholders have conflicting interests that they aim to resolve by consensus at the negotiation table.

As part of our negotiation support, we provide comprehensive assistance from analysis of the contemplated venture, through participation in the talks, to the drafting of the negotiated articles (or other contract establishing the company) and company registration. We also represent our clients in disputes arising out of or in connection with company formation.

During negotiation, it is good to have a specialized professional at your side to take care of the proper conduct of negotiation and the safety of your interests.

As part of this service:

We sit with the client to discuss the business idea.

If asked to, we provide consultation even before the negotiation starts. We discuss the legal and business aspects of the venture, as well as the formalities. We make sure to collateralize and to prepare tax optimization.

We accompany clients in the entire negotiation process.

We assist in negotiations with local and foreign partners.

We use negotiation tactics proven to work.

We are professionals — we negotiate using safe and successful methods. We also help our clients prepare for the talks.

We draft the articles in the client’s language or the language of the client’s business partner.

We draft articles and other contracts establishing companies in Polish, English, Spanish, German and French. We meet all registration formalities for the new entity.

We represent our clients in court.

If there is any dispute involving the formation of the company, we provide representation before courts of all tiers.

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