Joint-venture negotiation


A joint-venture is a specific undertaking. In it, the obligation to work toward a common business goal is assumed by at least two completely independent entities, often from different countries. Their interests and expectations are also sometimes completely different. Sometimes they are competitors and, outside of the joint venture, they fully intend to remain that way.

The primary goal of joint-venture negotiation is, therefore, to work out a satisfactory compromise for all parties involved. And that is very difficult to achieve without having an experienced negotiator at your side, especially if the new business is to be located abroad. The assistance of a specialized professional makes it possible to eliminate potential risks early and arrange the new legal relationship in a way that is acceptable to each of the business partners.

We provide assistance with the negotiation of joint-venture contracts and also at the later stages of pursuing the business goal. What makes us different is our familiarity with the peculiarities of joint-venture transactions, as well as our experience negotiating with international partners in their native languages. We negotiate in line with the highest standards and at the same time make sure our clients’ intended business goals are met.

As part of this service:

We accompany clients at all stages of the negotiation process.

We assist them in working out a compromise on key issues for all parties, such as risks, timings, goals and scopes, as well as the partners’ shareholding proportions in the new entity — among many other things.

We negotiate with international partners.

We have many years of experience working on projects governed by foreign laws. We negotiate in English, German, Spanish and French. This enables us to achieve precision in the language of the negotiated contractual terms, which in a longer perspective makes it possible to avoid problems generated by different interpretations.

We draft letters of intent.

These usually contain a condensed summary of a stage of the negotiation process, reflecting the assumptions of the future contract and defining the timetable for the works to come.

We prepare joint ventures.

We draft investment contracts and shareholders’ agreements and take care to properly collateralize the contract. If asked by the clients, we also support them at every later stage of pursuing the joint-venture project.

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